Here we go again.

Another plot by students to massacre their classmates.  This one right down the road from me.

Here are some clues as to why this keeps happening:

"Police said one [suspect] had tried to buy weapons from underground dealers who took the youths' money but never produced guns. Another dealer was arrested on a warrant before he could hand over guns, authorities said."  Translation: Easy access to weapons of mass destruction (firearms), even by teenagers.

"The fathers of the three suspects attended the hearing [after the suspects were arrested]. Two left without commenting, and a third, swarmed by reporters, made brief comments as he left, saying that his son was 'a good kid' and that the whole matter might be a misunderstanding."  (Emphasis mine.)  Translation: Parents are in denial about how seriously ill their own children must be to even contemplate doing something like this.

"[A senior student] said everyone at the school was aware of what had happened but that few seemed scared."  Translation: People (especially students) have been so desensitized to violence that they don't take a threat like this seriously.  Or they are just completely clueless.  More likely the latter.

"A pep rally was canceled last Friday; an auction was postponed yesterday. A pre-prom assembly might be canceled next week, [the senior] said…'It's just a setback,' [she] said. 'It's just a waste of our time.' " Translation: See previous translation.

" 'I don't really care, as long as the cops take care of it,' [the same student] said. 'I don't think they were really going to do it, anyway.' "  Translation:  What more needs to be said?  There were threats being made by the Columbine killers months before they slaughtered their classmates, a teacher, and themselves, and nobody listened then, either.

Final translation: Time to wake up now.

More on this added 4:55 pm: "Terror Charges for Boys Accused in Plot"


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