The “no duh” story of the week.

mortal_kombat_1.jpg  You'd never have thunk it

"After playing a violent video game, young men are more likely to think it's okay to smoke marijuana and drink alcohol, raising the possibility that exposure to violent media could negatively affect health-related behavior."

Frankly, I'm shocked.  Simply shocked.

Now, I know it's not a real "liberal" position to assert that stimuli such as, say, video games, or certain lyrical content in popular music, or violent images in movies, might actually have at least a desensitizing effect on those who partake of these types of media.  I don't really care about those kinds of labels when it comes to an issue like this.  There are all kinds of reasons why the society we live in is as violent as it is.

I'm willing to contend that this is just one reason.


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