Sometimes, they surprise you.

Spring Break starts the day after tomorrow.  It can't get here soon enough.  We're all getting to that sitting-in-the-faculty-lunch-room-grousing-all-the-time stage that tells us all we need a break, from the kids and maybe each other.  it's the time of year when you keep waiting for the roof to blow off, there's so much gas and static in the air.

And then something good happens to make your day.

I'm participating in my fifth MS Walk next month.  My younger sister has MS, and our family walks every year.  We usually raise a nice little chunk of change for our little team.  My colleagues at work – bless them all- are always VERY generous towards this cause.  I don't know how much I've raised so far this spring, but it's adding up.  I always take the little cardboard "donor sneakers" that the MS Society sends me and fill them out with donor's names as the donations come in, and then tack them up along the front of my classroom, kind of letting the kids know that, yes, there are big issues out there for them to get involved in.  I have a life outside of school, and this is one way they know that.

So far this year, I've received three unsolicited donations from my students.  This has not happened before.  I'm not supposed to ask kids or parents for money.  I don't.  I didn't ask this time, either.  The kids just wanted to chip in.  That has been very refreshing by itself.

Today, a girl who is not one of my students – she's in my homeroom, but not in any of my classes – brought in a check for me.  For $200.  She had gone home and told her mom about my Walk.  Mom went to work and got her company to cut me a check.  Just.  Like.  That.

Made my day.  Actually, it made my week.


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  1. dan on

    As you know, my wife’s sister has MS and my wife is walking this year in a big 50 walk. So many people have really stepped up and given money. No students, but I didn’t really tell them. However, a number of my fellow teachers gave. The biggest surprise was my principal who has only been at my school for 7 months – he gave $500! The was pretty cool – my wife baked him brownies šŸ™‚

  2. David on

    Dan: That’s a principal to nurture and hold on to. We have been blessed with a newly minted building principal ourselves this year, and she is great. Very supportive. But $500! That’s awesome!

    Best to yours.

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