Again, it’s the time of the season…

… for teenagers to die for no reason

"19-year-old Stephen L. Meloni is facing a preliminary hearing Wednesday on charges of homicide by vehicle while driving under the influence and others that could send him to prison… And once again, a community is facing painful questions about what happened – and whether young people and their parents will ever learn."

" ' This is a poignant reminder of what happens when teens and alcohol and lack of supervision conspire,' Montgomery County District Attorney Bruce L. Castor Jr. said after the death of the Bala Cynwyd teen, Jessica Easter."

That's my question.  The "adults" who were in the vicinity of this "party" heard, saw, and smelled what was going on.  Why did no one call the police?  A CRIME was being committed here. This life could have been saved.  But no one acted like a grown-up.

Unfortunately, every community in America has at least one tragic story like this. Around here, we've had far too many. 

Something needs to change.


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