And my parents used to worry about my Kiss albums.

kiss_1.jpg     "LONDON (Reuters) – Young people who adopt the "Goth" lifestyle of dark clothes and introspective music are more likely to commit self-harm or attempt suicide than other youngsters, according to a study on Friday [14 April]."

I have to be honest: I have had a number of kids in my classroom over the years – at the middle school, high school, and college level – who would fit into this category, if we were judge them just by their adopted look.  I admit to being a bit "disturbed" by this particular choice of uniform, but, upon further review (like, actually getting to know them), most of these kids have struck me as being pretty well adjusted.  They also tended to be more mature and more creative than their peers.

I worry when studies like this come out, that we might watch some kids a bit too closely, because of our preconceived notions and stereotypes, while other, more deeply troubled kids, disappear under the radar.


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