I’m shocked. Simply shocked.

my_brain_hurts_1.jpg     Monday: "States are helping public schools escape potential penalties by skirting the No Child Left Behind law's requirement that students of all races must show annual academic progress."

Tuesday: "Congressional leaders and a former Bush Cabinet member said Tuesday that schools should stop excluding large numbers of minority students' test scores when they report progress under the No Child Left Behind law."

Whoa.  You mean people are cheating on their high-stakes testing results?

The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University was talking about this months ago.  You should read this.


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  1. Shirley on

    Honesty and integrity seem to be sorely lacking in our society. Our schools are pitiful. So sad.



  2. David on

    I would contend that the public school system is just a microcosm of everything else that’s wrong. While most of us work our rear ends off trying to deal with all of the state and federal mandates (unfunded, of course) that get thrown at us, there are always a few folks who feel the need to cheat. Just like the problems we have with drugs, violence, and everything else, the schools simply reflect what’s going on beyond the playground.

    The thing I LIKE about my job is, however delusional this might sound, I think teachers can make a difference in terms of changing some of this, even if it’s just in a small way. Here’s hoping.

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