Students in two public schools sue for the right to be bigots.

equality_flag1.jpg   1.  In nearby (to me) Downington, Pennsylvania: "Three students of a high school prayer club have sued the Downingtown Area School District, saying they were illegally barred from displaying the words Christian and Bible and expressing their views on the 'sinful nature and harmful effects of homosexuality'."

2.  Out in California, somewhere around San Diego: "Public schools can bar clothing with slogans that are hurtful, a U.S. appeals court ruled Thursday in the case of a student who wore a T-shirt saying 'Homosexuality is shameful.' "

In Downington, the students are being "represented" by the Alliance Defense Fund, a right-wing activist group with a long record of trying to force fundamentalist Christian views into public school classrooms.

This is not a "free speech" issue, of course.  It's about divisive speech that hurts people.  It's about forcing a theocratic agenda down the thoughts of a captive audience: public school students.

My question for people like this, the American Taliban, is always the same: Why not spend all that money putting these students through some fundamentalist private school you set up, where t-shirts bearing homo-hating slogans can be part of the uniform?  Please keep your hatred in your own house.


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