“Plagiarism is a crime.”

Plagiarist-ap.jpg     I have a sign that says this in my classroom.  I try really hard to teach this.  Most of us do.  Sometimes, kids get it.  Sometimes they don't.  And sometimes when they don't, they DO get nailed for it

And that's the way it should be.


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  1. Smithie on

    Cheating has become a part of education culture. Twice a teacher friend has told me of parents getting their children out of plagerism and cheating scams. Both times the cheating was obvious and both times the Principal took the side of the student. What can we expect from these kids in ten or fifteen years? Maybe they’ll make good CFOs and CEOs…

  2. David on

    Just pray to God that those kids aren’t your trauma surgeon and ER nurse after you get into a car wreck in fifteen years….

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