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Wanted: Grownups.

JENKS, Oklahoma. – An SUV carrying high school football players having a paintball fight with teammates in another vehicle flew out of control on a highway and flipped, killing a 17-year-old boy, officials said.”

“Results of an investigation into the crash will be turned over to prosecutors, who will determine whether any criminal charges will be filed.”

There were coaches present?  There were grownup coaches somehow involved with this little get-together?  Start with them.


“Test-driven teaching isn’t character-driven.”

peaceflag.jpg     This is an excellent essay by one of my favorite people on the planet, Colman McCarthy. 

I highly recommend his book, I’d Rather Teach Peace.

Read it before the link goes dead!

Have they NO shame?

140x140lmca_parents.gif     First, they were recruiting and forcibly recalling for service people way past 40.  Then it was retaining soldiers past their contracted-for time of service.  Next it was sending a recruiter after an autistic kid.

Now the military is going after pre-teens in the classroom.  This is despicable, and it needs to stop.

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