Who writes this stuff?


I'm a teacher of language & literacy (we used to call it readin' & writin') in a suburban middle school in southern New Jersey, a few miles outside of Philadelphia, PA.  I enjoy my job.  You probably won't catch me whining here.  Too much.

I am currently taking courses and tests to earn a certification in Middle School Social Studies Education.  I want to switch subject areas.  After 25 years of teaching English, I need a change.

My teacher role model is "Mr. Conrack" from the movie Conrack! and the Pat Conroy memoir, The Water Is Wide.  Read the book. It's really good.

The name for this blog has nothing to do with anything.  It's the title of a song by Ray Davies, formerly of  The Kinks.  It's a good song, and a good title.  Has something to do with reaching middle age.  That would be me.

I am a liberal.  A progressive.  A left-winger.  I am also a Quaker.  My faith informs my politics and vice-versa.  And my teaching.

In addition to my teaching duties, I am also building rep for our local teachers' union.  That means I'm a card-carrying member of the New Jersey Education Association, and of the National Education Association.  And proud of it.


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