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Welcome to my little corner of the cyber-sandbox.  Glad you stopped by.  Hope that you get something out of what you find here, even if it's just a few minutes distraction from whatever else you should be doing right now.

But, if you you don't like or disagree with what I post here, and you want to leave a comment, please do so in a grown-up, civilized fashion. 

Please refrain from vulgarity, profanity, racist rants, anti-Semitic slurs, sexist slobberings, homophobic nincompoopery, and other intolerant dribble.  There's entirely too much of that going on in the "blogosphere" right now, and I refuse to deal with it.  Type as if your Mom was looking over your shoulder.  Unless your mom is Ann Coulter. Disagree.  Debate.  Engage in dialogue.  I'll be more than happy to engage with you.  I like to chat with people.

Disrespect me and you'll get deleted. 

Because this is my little corner of the cyber-sandbox.




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